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April 30, 2003

Disabling Windows Messenger and NetBIOS Popup Spam

Apparently Windows Messenger spam is becoming a big problem. I'm missing out since I normally don't run Windows. When I do, it's behind a firewall (a real one, not a piece of software). Anyhow, to disable the Messenger service on Windows 2000:

  1. click on [Start][Settings][Control Panel][Administrative Tools][Services]
  2. scroll down and highlight [Messenger]
  3. right-click the highlighted line and choose [Properties]
  4. click the STOP button
  5. select Disable in the [Startup Type] scroll bar
  6. click OK

For Windows XP:

  1. click [Start][Control Panel]
  2. click [Performance] and [Maintenance]
  3. click [Administrative Tools]
  4. double click [Services]
  5. scroll down and highlight "Messenger"
  6. right-click the highlighted line and choose [Properties]
  7. click the STOP button
  8. select Disable or Manual in the [Startup Type] scroll bar
  9. click OK

For Windows 98/ME:

  1. click on [Start][Control Panel][Network configuration]
  2. remove or disable the [file and printer sharing] item

I found these instructions on Guillaume Dargaud's no spam page. There are also some (slightly confusing) instructions on Microsoft's site.

April 20, 2003

Continuations explained

An old post from Tim Peters on the python-dev nicely explains generators, co-routines, and continuations.

April 11, 2003

New life for GCL

<monty python>I'm not dead yet.</monty python>

GCL is a Lisp implementation with a long history. For a while the project seemed to have stalled. Now it looks like great progress is being made. From the 2.5.1 release announcement

No time to play with it now. :-(

April 07, 2003

PyCon 2003 Action Photo

Guido's put up his photos from PyCon. He has a good one of Anton Benard, Jeremy Hylton, and I hacking on the new AST compiler. I think we were trying to make the compiler understand class definitions. Notice my EFF shirt and the two cans of Coke (giving us the quick energy we needed :-).

PyCon 2003 was a success. It was cheap, pretty well organized and quite well attended. Hopefully we will have more.