Neil Schemenauer's Web Log


December 12, 2004

Heading back to Canada

My wife and I have decided to move back to Canada. Obviously the decision was not an easy one. I'm sorry to leave behind the friends I have made here in the US.

December 11, 2004

Game night at Andrew and Barb's house

The first game we played was a tile laying game (I don't recall the name). Each player had a factory and the object was to build roads connecting your factory to cities. On the plus side, the game was simple to play and the pace was good. On the minus side, even though the game was multi-player it seemed as though your play did not have a large effect on the other players. Perhaps if I understood the strategy better the interaction with the other players would be more interesting.

The second game was played was a tile laying game called Carrcassonne. It was my favorite of the night. The rules were easy (although the scoring was a little hard to remember at first). The pace of the game was quite good. Finally, there was interesting interaction between all the players. Adding a tile could simultaneously help or hurt multiple players. Also, the long term effect of a certain move was usually not entirely clear.

The last game we played was a fantasy card game called Muchkin. Unfortunately, no one knew how to play it and the rule sheet was poorly organized. Even after playing it for a while the pace of that game was slow. There are quite a few things each player can do during their turn and other players tend to have a boring wait. I think this game would appeal to people who already enjoy fantasy role playing games.