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March 29, 2005

Mythtv tweak for play button

I fixed one slight MythTV annoyance today. By default the P key is mapped to the PLAYPAUSE command. That's annoying because pressing fast-forward button and then the play button causes to video to pause. MythTV has a PLAY command but by default it has no binding. You can use MythWeb to change the binding but I found it easier just to use the MySQL command line tool. To open the database, I used a command like this:

mysql -u mythtv -ppassword mythconverg

To update the binding:

update keybindings set keylist = "L" where action = "PLAY";

I mapped the pause button on the remote to P and the play button to L. That works better.

In other news, TiVo has started showing adds while the video is being fast-forwarded. ;-)