Neil Schemenauer's Web Log


April 20, 2005

Firefox upgrade glitch

Firefox started acting weird on me after I upgraded from 1.0.2 to 1.0.3. Sometimes a window would not appear after lauching it, sometimes the window was missing my personal bookmark bar and was unresponsive. Reinstalling did not fix it. I found the "-safe-mode" command line argument in the FAQ. It turned out that the "User Agent Switcher" extension was the culprit. After removing it everything seems fine.

For those of you still using Internet Explorer, what the hell are you thinking? Now when I am forced to use it, I dread every click, thinking that adware is about to be installed.

April 07, 2005

Software related housekeeping

I spent a bit of time on two neglected software packages today. First, I created a Darcs repository for the scgi package that I maintain. I also merged a patch from Charles Hornberger.

Second, I updated my stand-alone Python distribution to use Python 2.4.1. I haven't tested it much but it seems to work okay. Python has gotten a lot fatter since 1.5.2 but I guess harddrives have gotten cheaper at a faster rate.